Long story short, I previously advocated in this post that fuses in the PCU should be replaced by higher rated fuses and the correctly rated fuses should be installed in the wire harness where they are easily accessible.  I am amending that recommendation to say that the fuses inside the PCU should be removed and replaced with a simple jumper wire– no fuse at all inside the PCU, only one in the wire harness.

Why the change of heart?  Continue reading EVSE Fuse Retrofit — IMPORTANT CORRECTION

12 Volt Battery Replacement

I have only ever replaced the 12V battery while the car is on a lift, and I would strongly discourage anyone from attempting otherwise.  (Any mention of “battery” in this article refers to the conventional 12V lead-acid battery.)

Lee Underkofler was kind enough to make this suggestion for those of you attempting this repair without a lift:  Remove the front bumper cover.  It’s relatively easy to do.  I’ll try to remember to put up some instructions and photos– If I haven’t deleted this sentence by October 2015, someone please prod me to do an update.

Here is a document provided by Think regarding 12V battery replacement:


But I’m still going to provide my own advice:

The battery is located under the car just inboard of the left front wheel.  Remove the entire battery bracket assembly, install a new battery into the bracket and then reinstall the bracket to the car. Continue reading 12 Volt Battery Replacement