+STEAM is a club at Portland Community College that I’ve started to get involved in. It’s an expansion on the STEM acronym: Science Technology Engineering Arts Math and more (+).

I’m not sure exactly what the purpose of the club is, and nobody seems particularly concerned about telling people what to do. It meets in the PCC MakerSpace, so it is generally concerned with making and doing things, but what you make and do is really just… whatever you want.

So obviously I’m here for purely selfish reasons. I’ve got all kinds of notions of things I would like to make for Prii, Thinks, and other automotive and non-automotive related stuff.

But it’s a neat group of people, and it has some connections to Intel. For example, Intel has a new Compute Stick– which is basically a computer (about twice the size of USB flash drive) that you can plug into any monitor with an HDMI port– and they’re going to host some sort of competition to find creative uses for it.

So my intent on this page (or maybe separate blog posts) is to list some of my project ideas so that I can organize some people to help me bring some of them to life. And hopefully I’ll be able to help other +STEAM members complete their projects.

But I’m a busy person… or at least I have a lot to do after I get done being lazy, so my list of projects will happen later…