Estimated prices for common maintenance services

Linked below is a list of some common maintenance services that I often recommend for Thinks. Everything is subject to a 3% merchant fee, which is basically what it costs me to process a transaction through PayPal (and I think all the other merchant service providers are about the same). It’s actually in the terms of use that I’m not allowed to charge differently for different payment methods, so if you pay using cash or check I just treat it like you’re giving me a small tip. (Otherwise tips are not accepted.)

Some of you that may have had a battery replaced recently may notice that I’ve reduced the labor from 1.5 hours to 1 hour. That change just reflects that I’ve gained a lot of practice, and also accounts for the fact that I’m using a lift now rather than making house-calls and using only ramps for the service. So I apologize to anyone that recently had a battery replaced that paid for the greater labor hours.

Everything is subject to change (and other legal stuff you commonly hear…)