New Business Plan

This is happening, people! (Or at least it’s being planned, people!)

I’m not really 100% done with this business plan and it’s begging for plenty of improvements, but the basics are there. I’ve decided that I have more to benefit by releasing it sooner, collecting feedback, and continuing to make improvements than by hiding it away until I feel that it’s perfect.

Some information may be pertinent to all Think owners– not just the ones who might need me to replace an MLEC here in Portland. But I’m not going to give away any spoilers– if you want to know what I’m talking about you’ll just have to wade through the whole thing (or let someone else in the group post it).

If you do read it, please send me an email note ( with any constructive thoughts. Or if you can’t think of anything constructive, supportive is also welcome.

Business Plan, revised 2 December 2016


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