I would prefer to repair all the Thinks in the world with my own labor at a reasonable price. But I’m afraid traveling to the locations of all Thinks that are in need of repair would not be feasible unless the price was wildly unreasonable.

So I will provide the best advice that I can to anyone that chooses to take up the challenge of Think repair. By accessing the advice on this website you agree to not hold me liable for any damage or injury that may result from attempted repairs or maintenance. In some cases the damage that may result could be very minor, like plastic pieces broken. In other cases, even repairs performed by skilled technicians could result in damages that may exceed the value of the car or result in serious injury or death, for example by electrocution through contact with high voltage or by crushing due to improper use of a hydraulic jack. I have been through Mt Hood Community College’s Automotive Technology program, worked under the observation and tutelage of experienced technicians for several years, earned my certification as a Master Technician from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, and completed several courses specifically focused on high voltage vehicle systems. I provide this advice in good faith for those people that are qualified to perform the work. Please do not attempt repairs that you are not qualified to perform or without the proper tools. Any safety warnings that I provide are not a substitute for formal training of how to be safe when working on cars or high voltage systems. Always wear safety glasses. Don’t strain your back by lifting more than you should; get a partner to help when lifting heavy loads.

I will make a reasonable attempt to require users of this advice to read this notice, however, ignorance of this indemnification is not grounds for holding me liable for any negative consequences associated with its use.

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MLEC Replacement Procedure

PCU Replacement Procedure