12k Service

Hawthorne Auto Clinic offers a 12,000 mile service for Thinks based on the manufacturer recommendations and our own experiences.


Linked above is a PDF checklist that I use for this service, but it is constantly being revised.  For example, I performed many rear brake inspections and have never found any significant issues.  Since the process is very time/labor intensive and it requires removing a dust cap and a spindle nut that have limited re-use lifespans, we have decided not to perform rear brake inspections with the 12k service unless there is a particular customer concern or test drive symptom.

Also, some of the cars that have returned for a 24k service show some minor corrosion on the spindle and dust cap due to the required washing of brake drums to minimize technician exposure to brake dust. For cars that have already had a 12k service with the rear brakes (brake drums) washed and removed, there is probably some corrosion that occurred because of that service, but we don’t expect that the corrosion is progressive; there was a small amount of moisture remaining when the brakes were re-assembled and no more moisture will enter the brake assembly to cause any further corrosion.