+STEAM project brainstorm

Solar car
Soap box derby car
+STEAM outreach to high school (earlier?) students
Short TED talks at the beginning of meetings
Deployable wind generators
Ship propulsion
Glider launches
Distributed suction cups
Configurable pulleys
Gravity and air flow cleaner
Vacuum crawler


I’m working on a Think today, so there are a lot of ideas floating around my head about things I could make to slightly improve these cars:

A shroud for the master cylinder to keep water from dripping on/standing on the brake fluid reservoir causing moisture contamination.
Maybe the same sort of shroud should be over the transaxle vent to prevent water intrusion…
A new cowl design that isn’t so crappy.
A silencer/muffler for the vacuum pump.
Headliner arch supports.
Rear fender liner stiffeners to prevent tire rubbing.
Rear hatch headliner baton.
Scan tool– Raspberry Pi + CAN adapter?